Be Flexible. Proactive not reactive! With a watch on market fluctuations, an eye on competitors new marketing initiatives, and a thorough measuring of the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can be proactive to maximize your market share.


To stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and dynamic global economy, organizations must become – and even more important remain agile, in order to benefit from changing marketplace conditions. For example, are you prepared for an unexpected competitor, new federal regulations or a natural disaster? Do you anticipate these or similar events and if so, how will you plan and adapt to mitigate risk?

On the other hand, if opportunities arise, are you ready to move quicker than your competitor on new market segments or even things like government rebates or incentive programs?

To do this, more and more companies are embracing a new marketing philosophy known as “agility preparedness.”

Before this, one would plan, invest, implement and stay with a year-long marketing strategy – even when new threats and opportunities were presented throughout the year to their brand. Sales data was reviewed quarterly or in some cases only annually.

That way doesn’t work anymore, as today’s economic realities require consistent and rigorous analysis, plus the willingness to adapt quickly and shift smoothly, in order to survive as a company, let alone hold or increase market share.

Without a doubt, at Syndicate Strategies we believe that knowledge is power and critical to our clients' success.  That’s why as part of our MRP method we regularly analyze clients’ advertising and marketing campaign data and we continually review competitors’ activities, as well as the market segment overall.  We offer regular reports, conference calls and face-to-face meetings to discuss “what it all means” and to make recommendations for either shifting or staying the course, depending on whether or not situations warrant.