Competitive Analysis

Be prepared! Dive into competitors' products, marketing strategies, successes and failures, and measure strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive Analysis

In his famous treatise on achieving victory in war, the ancient Chinese military tactician, Sun Tzu described a sound approach when sizing up one’s opponent in business. In The Art of War, he emphasized the importance of preparation, and how lack of it leads to futility.

According to Sun Tzu, if you do not know your enemy, for every battle you win, you’ll lose one. Talk about inefficiency! After all, who would purposefully to take one step forward and one step back?

However unintentional, too many companies wind up doing exactly that – by refusing to consider the competition’s impact on near-term and future sales growth, revenue generation, profits and losses, potential markets and new customers.

You don’t have to become a casualty of poor planning. At Syndicate Strategies, we will analyze your competition and help you develop a distinct competitive advantage over them, no matter the business environment or industry.