Scorecard! Track, measure, and analyze sales data for your marketing programs to uncover opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.


Time and again, companies come to us because they want to measure their campaigns’ effectiveness, but don’t know where to start. We’ve implemented tracking systems and procedures for new clients on programs they’ve been doing for years. Most times, and within mere months, we uncover areas of waste, duplication, and inefficiency. However, soon after some modifications, they quickly start saving money and begin focusing on growth strategies. It goes to show that without tracking, measuring, and analyzing data on a regular basis, it’s much harder to make informed decisions.

Indeed, technology has made all this possible. Metrics tools provide new and better ways to target different audiences and to measure results more accurately than ever before.

Our obsession with technology and metrics is driven by our President and CEO Matthew A. Haas (, whose education and background is in computer science.  He also founded Syndicated Technologies (, a software development company that designs and develops, among other things, analytics-based solutions using proprietary metrics and tracking tools.

He’s passionate about helping companies understand and harness technology’s awesome ability to open up new and exciting possibilities.